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Handling abuse mails can be boring because you will be flooded by DMCA complaints.
Good news is, that you can totaly ignore those. They are automaticaly generated and no one will ever respond to your replys.

Every other abuse mail should be answered!




The IP address in question is a Tor exit node.

There is little we can do to trace this matter further. As can be seen
from the overview page, the Tor network is designed to make tracing of
users impossible. The Tor network is run by some 5000 volunteers who
use the free software provided by the Tor Project to run Tor routers.
Client connections are routed through multiple relays, and are
multiplexed together on the connections between relays. The system
does not record logs of client connections or previous hops.

This is because the Tor network is a censorship resistance, privacy,
and anonymity system used by whistle blowers, journalists, Chinese
dissidents skirting the Great Firewall, abuse victims, stalker
targets, the US military, and law enforcement, just to name a few.
See for more info.

Unfortunately, some people misuse the network.

Blocking Requests/Distributing Malware

We don´t know the real IP behind this attack as Tor is designed to make tracing users impossible.
The only thing we can do is to block the destination IP address.

This block is but temporary as we don't want legitimate Tor users to suffer from this.


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