Frënn vun der Ënn A.S.B.L.

Luxembourg based non-profit organization defending civil rights on the internet.

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 +====== A new Administrative Council ======
 +The members of our organization have voted a new Administrative Council. As of the 5th of march, the new Administrative Council looks like this: \\
 +{{ :​organization:​administrative-council:​frennvunderenn.administrativecouncil.2016.jpg?​nolink&​200|}}
 +From left to right: \\ \\
 +Christope Kemp - International Ambassador \\
 +Sam Grüneisen - President \\
 +Nadine Schneider - Secretary \\
 +Patrick Kahr - Treasurer \\ \\ \\
 +Our goals for 2016 are straight forward. Keeping our nodes up and alive. For this we are urgently seeking a foundation or simply more supporters. We will also try to translate the torproject and Tails into Luxembourgish. Last but not least we will get in touch with several libraries here in Luxembourg and try to motivate them to install the Tor Browser bundle on their public computers. \\ 
 +We must defend our own privacy if we expect to have any. We must come
 +together and create systems which allow anonymous transactions to take
 +place. People have been defending their own privacy for centuries with
 +whispers, darkness, envelopes, closed doors, secret handshakes, and
 +couriers. The technologies of the past did not allow for strong privacy,
 +but electronic technologies do.
 +<​cite>​Eric Hughes, "A Cypherpunk'​s Manifesto"</​cite>​
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