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 +====== Feedback for our Website ======
 +Some time ago we received a mail which went to every organization which runs Tor servers. In this mail we received feedback for our website. Let me quote the mail for you:
 +<sxh text;>
 ++ language
 +~ finding the donation information:​
 +The link in the menu is called '​Support'​ which
 +I understand as 'get support'​ not 'give support',​ maybe renaming it
 +simply to '​Donate'​ would make it easier to find the information.
 +- HTTPS available including proper certificate:​ no (invalid cert)
 ++ relay information available (at least relay names/​fingerprints)
 +- donations are published: no
 +Now we worked on this. Just a day before the mail we created a page on this very wiki that states every donation we received so far. But we went a bit further and redesigned the hole “Donation” page. This means that we renamed “Support” to “Donate” as you can see on the mainpage. We created a submenu for every way of donating and we linked our received donations. Current supported ways of donating are:
 +  *     ​direct wire transfer
 +  *     wire transfer through a proxy (the Chaos Computer Club Luxembourg)
 +  *     ​Bitcoin
 +  *     ​Snailmail
 +  *     ​Paypal
 +  *     ​flattr
 +The only remaining negative point was the missing SSL cert. Well wee see this hole snakeoil stuff a bit different but we created one cert signed by our self.\\
 +We thank the sender for his feedback and would be glad to receive some more from you guys.\\
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