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FVDE at the No-Spy Conference 2017

When you are personally invited by the main organizer to come and check out a smaller conference in a neighbor country, then you can be pretty sure that we show up. That's just what happened when @musevg invited us at lasts year to the No-Spy Conference. We headed with 4 members to Stuttgart to have a good time with fellow hackers and privacy enthusiasts.

The conference itself is rather small but this leaves a lot of room to meet new people and to have lengthier discussions with them. The first day was what we would call a warm-up. One talk about the Linux OS North Korea uses. The best part? They brought real north Korean hardware with them! Pretty amazing and a cool start to a conference.

The second day we met the guys behind Freifunk Stuttgart and could exchange some knowledge between the Freifunk Luxembourg community and theirs. We did also meet the guys from SaveYourPrivacy e.V which are also a partner organization. That's when we decided to have a spontaneous Tor Relay Operators Meet-up.

The last day we decided to give a talk about running a organization like ours. We were glad that we got the biggest available room and the audience was very much interested. Especially the “Best Of Abuse Mails” part has been much appreciated. (measured on the laughter)

We do have to say that we really enjoyed this conference and are sure to attend the next edition of No-Spy!

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