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FVDE goes GPN!

Now it's official. Our lead Ënnstatus developer will be at the Gulaschprogrammiernacht and represent us while also giving a talk about our organization. So if you happen to be at the GPN then I invite you to come and listen to his talk. Here are some more informations:

Title: Frënn vun der Ënn
Subtitle: Betreiben von Tor-Relays als Organisation
Duration: 01:00
Language: German
Date: 28.05.2016
Time: 17:45 - 18:45
Hall: Medientheater

He will also have posters, stickers and other merchandise with him which you can get against a tiny donation.
Nevertheless go and take the opportunity to talk to him in person and ask him about Tor and running organizations like ours.

We keep you updated if the schedule should change!


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