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FVDE Meeting Minutes - 15/04/2014


  • virii
    • Gets in touch with for a new Exit-node.
  • prometheus
    • Post flyer to staff ML
    • Flyer Design
    • Sticker Design
    • Wiki
    • Foundations & Partners
  • k3lly
    • Flyer Design
  • virii
    • Flyer Design
  • metalgamer
    • Backups
  • Everyone
    • The wiki content will be restored by everyone.


  1. Servers
  2. Flyers & Stickers
  3. Document Signing
  4. EnnStatus
  5. Documentation
  6. Wiki
  7. Backups
  8. Foundations & Partners



  • For every server a new SSL certificate has been generated, due to the heartbleed bug.
  • As all servers had to be rebooted at the same time with the others from the Tor network, all our flags have been erased.
  • The WauHolland foundation will probably wire not that many money, as they evaluate the sponsoring on the traffic.
  • We need more exit-nodes. (Beginning of May)
  • We are on stand-by for queries from

Flyers & Stickers

  • Will be printed with
  • Everyone has 3 weeks to come up with a flyer design. (Deadline: 5th of May 2014)
  • Round / Oval Stickers printed with Caroline Palgen

Document Signing

  • Everyone needs to sign the appropriate documents to transfer the server ownership to FVDE.
  • Membership Form adaptation (the same as C3L, but with the appropriate FVDE info)


  • Nothing new to report
  • About page needs to be updated
  • The new treasurer will update the csv donations records on a monthly base.


  • Of everything.
  • EnnStatus and the setup of Tor nodes need to be documented until the end of May.


  • The wiki will be installed by the end of the wiki.
  • The content will be restored by everyone.


Foundations & Partners

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