Frënn vun der Ënn A.S.B.L.

Luxembourg based non-profit organization defending civil rights on the internet.

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EnnMeeting Minutes - 25/05/2014


  1. Commercials on Buses (VDL)
  2. New Sponsors?
  3. We need some fancy Designs for banners and stuff
  4. Mailman
  5. Talk on Haxogreen
  6. Parquet visit


Talk on Haxogreen

Talking about our organization. 60 Minutes +-


  • ch4r3l
  • virii
  • prometheus

Commercials on Buses

Jan had the idea to get a commercial on Buses. He asks for the price per Bus per Week.


Muling will have a look at a wrongly places “lists” which rend the ACP useless.

New Sponsors

We need more sponsors in order to expand our services. Every one should have a look at this issue. Find possible partners or donating organizations.

Jan has prepared a text which can be used as a template.

Design for Banners

We need designs for banners. For example banners with 468×60 and 250×250

Parquet Visit

Janw ill have a look at this. Asks for some dates in July.

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