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EnnMeeting Minutes - 30/06/2014


  1. ToDo
  2. NGO
  3. Talk on Haxogreen!
  4. Talk on!
  5. Bridges upgrade



The text must be send out in the coming week! This is extremely urgent! Jan does this. He calls the ministry of justice by tomorrow to get the name of the person in charge.

Talk on HaxoGreen

virii mailed them our proposal!


  • virii
  • prometheus
  • metalgamer

Talk on

Jan submitted our proposol for the Talk!


  • virii
  • prometheus
  • metalgamer

The paper/presentation must be completed before the 15th of July.

Bridge Upgrade

We should upgrade our Bridges to support FTEproxy! Because it it widely used. We could drop the scramblesuit support as it will soon be replaced with obfs4.

I will inform kahpa.

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