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Luxembourg based non-profit organization defending civil rights on the internet.

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EnnMeeting Minutes - 17/10/2014


  1. FVDE documents about buying a server
  2. FVDE membership document
  3. Interview with Journal
  4. Donations –> ennstatus (format, *coins)
  5. Abuse mail handling
  6. Representing us at 31C3
  7. Wiki (Templates for Mais, Memberpositions, Statutes)
  8. Flag or Banner
  9. Merchandize


FVDE documents about buying a server

  • prometheus will write a new one
  • they will be stored at the “siege sociale”

FVDE membership document

  • prometheus will do that

Interview with Journal

  • virii did it
  • will appear on 18th of October 2014 in the “Lëtzebuerger Journal”


  • metalgamer informs treasurer about csv format
  • *coins will be discarded, except in the case a donor would specifically ask for it

Abuse mail handling

  • A general form will be put into place
  • k3lly & ch3r4l will help virii

Representing us at 31C3

  • metalgamer, muling & ch4r3l will represent FVDE at the 31C3 meeting


  • prometheus will restructre it on

Flag or Banner

  • medium flag
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