Frënn vun der Ënn A.S.B.L.

Luxembourg based non-profit organization defending civil rights on the internet.

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EnnMeeting Minutes

Date 18.11.2014
Time 19:30
Location virii's place


  • ToDo
  • Legal Appraisal
  • Pulse / SyncThing
  • Finances



Please, review all ToDo's and update them.

The legal report about the management and providing of Tor nodes in Luxembourg has arrived by our lawyer. We'll black the name and of our lawyer and its office, as he required that we'll keep his name out of the public front page of our web presence.

Pulse / SyncThing

Our sharing infrastructure is based on Pulse / SyncThing as of today.


The WauHolland Foundation has wired us 1.500,00€ in order to retroactively (July-September 2014) reimburse us.

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