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 ==== Partnerships ==== ==== Partnerships ====
-  * CIRCL wants to have access to the sponsored Exit-Node +  * Partnership letters have been sent out to various institutions (the ones mentioned in the past meeting minutes). 
-    * partnership possible +  * CIRCL was the first institution to answer. 
-    * malware mails to them --> abuse +    * They are in favour to support us, but need - obviously - a founded reason. They proposed to sponsor a Tor Exit Node, but required access to the box and retrieve data to melt them with their "[[|CIRCL map]]"
-  * IT-Nation +    * Due to international 'guidesline', ethical code and Tor Project recommendations, this proposal has been rejected unanimously.  
-  * Reports without borders+    * An alternative might be sending them all abuse mails of the sponsored exit nodes. 
 +    * Our proposed ' Ticket' offer remains still a possibility for them, independently of the proposal above. 
 +    * prometheus gets back to them and asks for a real life meeting. 
 +    * Nevertheless, it needs to be noted, that we are very happy about the fact, that CIRCL offered us a support possibility 
 +  * New potential partners: 
 +    * IT-Nation 
 +    * Reports without borders
-==== Outstanding membership fees ====+==== Finances ====
-  * Check+  * Members have been notified of their overdue status via private mail. 
 +  * Membership fees for 2015 need to be paid. 
 +  * Server costs of around 475€ per month. Every three month, we receive our Wau Holland donation. 
 +  * It gets harder and harder in order to make ends meet.
 ==== Wiki ==== ==== Wiki ====
-  * Reform it+  * Removal of non-used pages. 
 +  * User account creation for every member
 ==== New SSH config rollout ==== ==== New SSH config rollout ====
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   * The meeting was more about introducing possible future Tor operators to the subject.   * The meeting was more about introducing possible future Tor operators to the subject.
-  * would like to see more of an international cooperation.+  * would like to seeSSH more of an international cooperation
 +  * prometheus will get in touch with Moritz to discuss international relations.
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