Frënn vun der Ënn A.S.B.L.

Luxembourg based non-profit organization defending civil rights on the internet.

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 ==== General Assembly ==== ==== General Assembly ====
 +Any General Assembly related stuff needs to be send to <​>​ by Friday noon.
 ==== NGO Status ==== ==== NGO Status ====
 +The 28th of March 2015, we'll stick our heads together to finish up our NGO proposal to the Ministry for Exterior Affairs.
 ==== Financial situation ==== ==== Financial situation ====
 +Quote: "//​Déi ass schäiss!//"​
 +A few new members and a lots of personal donations have kept us this month and maybe the next over water. [[:​user:​kahpa]] should call the guys from Wau Holland and get in touch via mail too.
 +**Contingency Plan**
 +If everything fails, this contingency plans will snatch.
 +  - All hosts will be dropped.
 +  - The middle node @ 5gps will be dropped.
 +  - orilla will be dropped as last resort. ​
 ==== Provider Ratings ==== ==== Provider Ratings ====
 +The '​[[:​provider-ratings|Provider Ratings]]'​ page will be elaborated with explanatory comments and references to the official Tor project.
 ==== Installation & Configuration guide ==== ==== Installation & Configuration guide ====
 +We'll follow up the idea of writing configuration guides for different operating systems on the [[howtos:​index|howtos:​index]] page.
 ==== Online meetings ==== ==== Online meetings ====
 +Once in a month, we'll hold an '​online crackerbarell'​ for our members all over the world. We'll meet every last Monday in a month in jabber MUC. These meetings shall empower every member to contribute to the associations and its goals. ​
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