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EnnMeeting Minutes 2015/11

Date 16/10/2015
Time 20:00
Location ChaosStuff


  1. status of the new website [:::…??%…..] orimpe
  2. orimpe
  3. FVDE Verwaltungsordner sync orimpe
  4. 'STOP the abuse mail spam madness!' kahpa


New Website

The new Website is near to finish… We will launch the website this weekend.

Stuff we need on the

  • TOR Posters (> 10€ Poster with Stickers)
  • FVDE Stickers (> 5€)
  • TOR Flyers
  • Tails USBs (> 20€ with Sticker and Poster)
  • promote the Bridge program 36/year
  • 55€/Year Ultra Mega Supporter Bundle (Bridge Program, Poster, Tails USB, Stickers)

FVDE Verwaltungsordner

reconnect syncthing

STOP the abuse mail spam madness

We will publish the false Abuse mails as SPAM in a monthly report.


Please, review all ToDo's and update them.

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