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EnnMeeting Minutes 2015/15

Date 23/11/2015
Time 22:00
Location ChaosStuff


  • Ennstatus update – metalgamer
  • blogpost – virii
  • ExitPolicy sync – virii
  • charity auction - missing books – virii


Ennstatus update

We have change our Webserver from apache to nginx, in case off the ennstatus fails… Also check the url-links in our wiki. And we have received a cert from , it have a really great rating A+ :) blogpost

We really need to make a blogpost, so the many donors see the a result.

ExitPolicy sync

virii create a perl script to sync ExitPolicys. I case to standardise our answers.

charity auction

We need to send the Books from the auction to our donors. immediately!


Please, review all ToDo's and update them.

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