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EnnMeeting Minutes 2016/01

Date 04/01/2016
Time 22:00
Location ChaosStuff


  • Ennstatus update – metalgamer
  • General Assembly Date – orimpe
  • New Exit Node – kahpa
  • FVDE Stickers – kahpa
  • Feedback from 32c3 – orimpe
  • Issue Tracker – virii
  • Tor Browser Bundle on Luxembourg's libraries


Ennstatus update

Exit-probability is not working. metalgamer will fix it.

General Assembly Date

5th of March. Date setted! (same as c3l)

New Exit Node

We have some money, an we search a new Server provider. Our limit exit-probability is <10% of the Tor.


We spread our fvde-stickers an we order 500pcs more to get a better price. inlcus a few bigger one.

32C3 Feedback

Tor node operator meetup:

  • Some of the biggest operators joint the meeting, the partner organizations should communicate better among us, to clear the lawful stuff.
  • Moritz is our contact but he is not really in the position to divide the donations (form, the situation is not easy and they have to personal matters.

Issuse Tracker

Request Tracker ( ) is the winner virii will setup the Tracker

Tor Browser Bundle on Luxembourg's libraries

As on the 32c3 Tor Meetup discussed we should ask the library's on Luxembourg to install on the first step Tor Browser Bundle on there PC's. (with some PR to promote Tor, blogpost, flyers, etc)


Please, review all ToDo's and update them.

xx Nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen xx

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