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EnnMeeting Minutes 2016/02

Date 06/01/2016
Time 20:30
Location IRC


  • IRC Meeting with nos-oignons – orimpe


IRC Meeting with nos-oignon

Have you setup a bugtracker? We (FVDE) use recently RT.

Are you planning to use it to deal with abuses ? No, because 90% of our Abusemails are DMCA complains. The remain is manageable via Mail by virii.

RT, what kind of Todo lists? Ordering Tor flyers, doing translations, buying stickers, coding scripts, manage membership applications from our website

You're using a custom system to monitor your nodes? Yes, it's open source and free to use. The status panel is like an overview, also for people who donated to power a specific server.

Nos-oignos “the board” uses its own wiki to manage members (not on a public one)

Poeple can pay for a node ? Yes, a bridge. if you want to pay for a node you would need to be a member.

Your website doesn't play nice for people without javascript! <virii> HA! that's what I said to the “lead” developer.

How do you chose hosters ? Asking and research.

What is the point of running some much guards on a single machine? It was/is the cheapest way to offer bridges and it is easy to manage.

Why not a middle node? We decided to focus on Exits an Bridges.

All your regular membership donate 120€/year? Here(Nos-oignos), it's only free price, and donations from any who want donate: We don't exclude people who cannot afford to pay 120 EUR, but yes that's the regular membership fee and we encourage people to donate without the need of being a member, our bridge program for example is 36 EUR/year.

How is almost at 1Gbps?! We just use some of the tweaks moritz wrote down here —>

How do you get tose shiny graphs? vnstat and vnstati

And how much is this machine costing you?

  • Server in Lux. : ~150 EUR/month
  • Server in Ro. : ~ 115 EUR/month

Would you recommend your monitoring solution? Yes, but if you want to use it I do have to push the developer into creating a better documentation otherwise things could be confusing.

(Nos-oignos) One of the issues with this VM is that we don't control boot parameters to deploy apparmor: Our(FVDE) lawyer recommended us to only run dedicated servers, as a takedown of a virtual machine could affect other vms and this could lead to a civil lawsuit.

Are you using too? We are using mailman. The ML for the stuff is gpg encrypted

abuses outline: Nobody likes Webiron

How do you convert Bitcoin donations into EUR? (FVDE)People can use Bitpay to donate Bitcoins to us. In this case part of the donation will be converted by Bitpay.


Please, review all ToDo's and update them.

xx Nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen xx

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