Frënn vun der Ënn A.S.B.L.

Luxembourg based non-profit organization defending civil rights on the internet.

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This year we have been invited to a shared booth with Tails, Torproject, and Nos-Oignons at FOSDEM.
We had a lot of interaction with people who wanted to know more about Tor and running organizations like ours. There were many interesting discussions about anonymity and privacy in general and good words towards us to keep the good work up. Guess what? We will continue no matter what! :)

Of course such a conference is always a good occasion for fund raising. We are happy that many people donated and the crowd was really glad that we take the burden to run Tor nodes for the greater good.

We would also like to thank Hacker Public Radio for interviewing us!

2017/02/20 20:31 · virii

Abuse mail statistics January 2017

Abuse mail counter: 1392
DMCA Complaints: 1172
Hacks/Attacks/Scans: 219
Bot activitiy: 1
Other: 0

New Year - Old complaints

2017/02/10 15:39 · virii

Abuse mail statistics December 2016

Abuse mail counter: 897
DMCA Complaints: 853
Hacks/Attacks/Scans: 43
Bot activitiy: 1
Other: 0

Avalanche Botnet was connecting to some C&C server through our exit nodes. C&C servers have been blacklisted.

2017/01/27 20:23 · virii

FVDE at the Chaosstuff Inauguration

The 5th of November is a noteworthy day. Not only has there been the gunpowder plot but also (as for this year) the Inauguration of the Chaosstuff Hackerspace from the Chaos Computer Club Lëtzebuerg. The Chaosstuff houses us as of the last GA. So enough reason to be present, talk to the crowd and spread the word about our mission!

virii presenting FVDE - In the background our fancy flag!
Inside the “Stuff” - We have the best cocktails in town!

So if you are in Luxembourg and you have a question about our organization or Tor , feel free to pay us a visit. Every monday at 20:00 is our meeting!

2016/12/11 23:16 · virii

Abuse mail statistics November 2016

Abuse mail counter: 973
DMCA Complaints: 536
Hacks/Attacks/Scans: 437
Bot activitiy: 0
Other: 0

Less DMCA complaints and a lot more hacking attempts.

2016/12/11 22:54 · virii
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