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Luxembourg based non-profit organization defending civil rights on the internet.

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Abuse mail statistics September 2018

Abuse mail counter: 412
DMCA Complaints: 296
Hacks/Attacks/Scans: 88
Bot activity: 28
Other: 0

Nothing much to tell about september, we had the usual flow of emails.

2018/10/10 17:27 · fantawams

Abuse mail statistics August 2018

Abuse mail counter: 502
DMCA Complaints: 343
Hacks/Attacks/Scans: 151
Bot activity: 8
Other: 0

Nothing much to tell about august, we had the usual flow of emails.

2018/09/11 20:52 · fantawams


Article 13 is bad for the Internet as a whole: Over 70 Internet pioneers and experts have rallied behind Sir Tim Berners-Lee to address an open letter, on 12 June 2018, to the European Parliament wherein they urge MEPs to vote for the deletion of Article 13 for the sake of the Internet’s future, as it “would mandate Internet platforms to embed an automated infrastructure for monitoring and censorship deep into their networks”.

Article 13 is bad for EU citizens’ fundamental rights: Over 50 NGOs representing human rights and media freedom addressed an open letter, on 16 October 2017, to the European Parliament asking MEPs to delete Article 13, as it “would violate the freedom of expression set out in (…) the Charter of Fundamental Rights” and “provoke such legal uncertainty that online services will have no other option than to monitor, filter and block EU citizens’ communications”.

Article 13 threatens legal certainty in the EU: Academics from 25 leading Intellectual Property research centres in Europe have published Statement of 29 June 2018 entitled 'The copyright Directive: Misinformation and Independent Enquiry'. This follows an open letter of 26 April 2018, pointing out that there is scientific consensus on the fact that Article 13 “threaten[s] the user participation benefits of the e-Commerce Directive (2000/31/EC)”.

Article 13 will be bad for the European economy: European innovative media publishers have expressed their concerns around Article 13, who consider that “these rules are bad news for publishers who rely on an open and competitive internet to source, create and disseminate stories to their readers”. Allied for Startups, an organisation representing start-ups in Europe, explains that “the suggested filtering technology will raise the cost of launching a startup in Europe and drive talent away”.

The Parliament must promote a balanced and evidence-based approach to copyright enforcement and not fall into the trap of so-called ‘easy fixes’ to the detriment of our fundamental rights.

2018/08/31 16:15 · virii

Financial Report 2017

Frënn vun der Ënn a.s.b.l.

Treasurer: KAHR Patrick

I. Overview

Assets 01/01/17 31/12/17
Bank Account (currents) +4.221,50€ +1.905,60€
Bank Account (savings)* +2.692,71€ +2.689,21€
Paypal +59,90€ +47,95€
Cash +0,00€ +0,00€

II. Details

  • Revenues: 3866,00
    • Donations: 2966,00 €
    • Membership fees: 900,00 €
  • Expenses: 6181,90
    • Servers: 5687,57 €
    • Admin. charges: 126,03 €
    • Other: 368,30 €
  • Total: -2,315.90

III. Outlook

We received a bit more donations than the last year but we lost quite some membership fees.
In order to keep everything up and running, we do need to attract more members and remind them a bit more profoundly to pay the membership fee or we need to focus even more on donations. Maybe we should push the Bridge program a bit further.

2018/08/10 22:48 · virii

Abuse mail statistics July 2018

Abuse mail counter: 327
DMCA Complaints: 240
Hacks/Attacks/Scans: 62
Bot activity: 24
Other: 1

There was an information request from the police Cuxhaven in Germany, but this could be solved without any issues. We had also even more botnets than last month.

2018/08/08 19:26 · fantawams
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