Frënn vun der Ënn A.S.B.L.

Luxembourg based non-profit organization defending civil rights on the internet.

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Annual General Assembly - February 2020

Date 22th of February 2020
Hour 19h00 CET
Where ChaosStuff

Order of the day

  1. Welcome speech
  2. Activity Report 2019
    1. Foresight for 2020
  3. Financial Report 2019
    1. Auditing Report
  4. Amendments to Statutes
  5. Administrative Council Elections
  6. Miscellaneous
  7. Closing Event

Members total: 11
Members present: 6


Welcome Speech

Activity Report 2019

Activity report can be found here: Aktivitéits Bericht 2019

Foresight for 2020

Financial Report 2019

I. Overview

Assets 01/01/19 31/12/19
Bank Account (currents) +4.221,50€ +1.905,60€
Bank Account (savings)* +2.685,71€ +2.682,21€
Paypal +0,00€ +0,00€
Cash +0,00€ +0,00€

II. Details

  • Revenues: 2897,09
    • Donations: 1997,09 €
    • Membership fees: 900,00 €
  • Expenses: 3434,76
    • Servers: 3344,76 €
    • Admin. charges: 100,00 €
    • Other: 0,00 €
  • Total: -537,67

III. Outlook

We received a bit more donations than the last year but we lost quite some membership fees.
In order to keep everything up and running, we do need to attract more members and remind them a bit more profoundly to pay the membership fee or we need to focus even more on donations. Maybe we should push the Bridge program a bit further.

Auditing Report

Finances are OK and the treasurer report was approved by the two auditors

Amendments to Statutes


Administrative Council Elections

Name Office Election Results Votes
Sam Grüneisen President elected 6/6 voted in favor
Nadine Schneider Secretary elected 6/6 voted in favor
Max Wahl Treasurer elected 6/6 voted in favor
Christophe Kemp International Ambassador elected 6/6 voted in favor


financial auditors

Mir updaten eisen Website.

C3L LGK Kooperatioun.

Closing Event

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