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Annual General Assembly - March 2015

Date 7th of March 2015
Hour 14h00 CET
Where prometheus' place

Order of the day

  1. Welcome speech
  2. Activity Report 2014
    1. Foresight for 2015
  3. Financial Report 2014
    1. Auditing Report
  4. Amendments to Statutes
  5. Administrative Council Elections
  6. Miscellaneous
  7. Closing Event

Welcome Speech

Activity Report 2013/2014

Foresight for 2015

Financial Report 2013/2014

Auditing Report

Amendments to Statutes

ID Amendment Author Election Results
0x01 International Ambassador prometheus Adopted
0x02 International Ambassador prometheus Adopted
0x03 / virii Adopted

Administrative Council Elections

Name Office Election Results
virii President 12/12 in favor
orimpe Secretary 12/12 in favor
kahpa Treasurer 12/12 in favor
prometheus International Ambassador 1) 12/12 in favor


Closing Event

The vote on this office will only be valid, if the proposed amendments about the creation of such a new post within the Administrative Council has been successfully voted on.
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