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Extraordinary General Assembly - November 2014

Date: 6th of November 2014
Hour: 21h00
Where: prometheus place

Order of the day

  1. Welcome Speech
  2. Restructuring of administrative council
  3. Closing Event


Present Members: 3+3 (by procuration) Members Total: 6

Welcome Speech

virii welcomed all members and presents the order of the day.

Restructuring of administrative council

This extraordinary general assembly has been assembled in order to discuss the proceedings of the old treasurer.

The administrative council meeting on the 4th of November 2014 has decided to convened an extraordinary general assembly, in order to address the issue below.

Patrik KAHR posed his candidature for the post of treasurer.

In the first months muling did a great job.

What's muling being reproached?

  1. keeping up with his duties as treasurer and member of the administrative council
  2. invoices haven't been paid and the amount of the current account has not been under watch
  3. none communication whatsoever with anybody in the admin. council., except on one or the other occasion
  4. Since July 2014 he has been reminded of his duties and send several e-mails to various addresses of his.

In order to run this association flawless and proper. we have come to the conclusion to discharge muling of his post as treasurer.


  • 6 of 6 in favor to discharge muling of his duties as treasurer, and thus admin. council member
  • 6 of 6 in favor of Patrik KAHR becoming the new treasurer.

The last GA added 3 additional members to the admin. council. However, they have been discharged of their duties as well today, as there was no statues backing for this. The last GA decided to add 3 more members to the admin. council and had worked out a proper formulation for this purpose. Though 3 new member have been subscribed with RCSL, the current statutes do not foresee them. This is why we'll have them removed again from the RCSL registry. On the next GA we'll discuss this again and do it properly this time.

Closing Event

The EGA was concluded with these minutes.

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