Frënn vun der Ënn A.S.B.L.

Luxembourg based non-profit organization defending civil rights on the internet.

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On this page you can find all the press appearances we've had since our founding. If you think that something is missing please let us know.



Date Title Source Language
06/04/2016 Keen Instrument vum Verbriechen Letzebuerger Wort LB
06/03/2016 In den Tiefen des Darknet Saarländischer Rundfunk(DL) DE


Date Title Source Language
30/12/2015 Iwwer 12.000 Hacker an Internet-Aktivisten zu Hamburg LB
27/04/2015 The People Who Risk Jail to Maintain the Tor Network Vice Motherboard EN
20/04/2015 Tor Exit Node Operator Issued Subpoena Hacker News EN
20/04/2015 Cook County subpoenas Romanian security firm, a Tor exit node operator, for 'real' IP Computer World EN


Date Title Source Language
15/11/2014 Täuschungsmanöver Journal DE
18/10/2014 Snowden Effekt Journal DE
03/10/2014 Darknet im Visier Journal DE
09/07/2014 NSA an Tor Journal Kloertext LB
14/02/2014 Anonymes Web Journal Kloertext DE
07/02/2014 Das Panoptikum des digitalen Zeitalters Forum (N˚336) DE


Date Title Source Language
? Netzneutralität - Die Verfassung der Bits Lëtzebuerger Journal DE
11/06/2014 Frënn vun der Ënn - Bringing anonimity into your country entr0py #8 LB


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